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Start your day with taste

A relaxed atmosphere to say good morning

A rich continental buffet that we prepare in three islands of taste and well-being. An area for hot and cold drinks, a salty one with our breads, cheeses and Piedmonts cold cuts and one for desserts, both homemade and from local producers.

This is our breakfast designed to awaken you with many small pleasures for the palate

Fresh and local products, with an eye to daily wellness

Sweetness and well-being

Let’s start with desserts: homemade cakes, tarts and plumcakes every day and then croissants that come from our trusted pastry chefs. And then white and Greek yogurt, muesli, seeds, fresh and dehydrated fruit, juices and juices: choose how to start well!

A selection of breads, fresh and toasted, to taste the best cheeses and meats of our land. And then hard-boiled eggs and scrambled bacon. So much taste to accompany our hot coffee shop that you can ask the staff.
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