To safeguard the safety of our Guests, we have prepared the following protection and sanitization measures to allow for an even safer and more peaceful stay in our Relais.

New sanitization measures

Common areas

Protocol and sanitation tools and instruments have been adopted in the common areas to protect the health of all. The staff constantly sanitizes all surfaces using special disinfectant detergents.
Hand sanitizer
Columns of hand sanitizer gel are positioned at the entrance of the hotel, at the reception, at our restaurant, bar, wellness center and in all areas intended for our Guests.

Social Distancing

In common areas, measures have been taken to ensure and maintain physical spacing. The hotel reception and the SPA reception have been implemented with plexiglass panels.
A constant sanitization of any objects used by our Guests during the check-in and check-out phase guarantees the highest level of protection both for the Guests themselves and for our staff.


In the rooms we have perfected an already rigorous sanitization protocol that provides for an accurate disinfection of all surfaces with alcoholic solution or sodium hypochlorite and sanitization with ozone machinery.
Personal protective equipment

All our staff have been trained to ensure compliance with Covid-19 procedures and to manage any emergencies. All employees are equipped with individual safety devices.
We remind you that the provisions provided by the Italian Ministry of Health and OMS are only a starting point for the cleaning standards adopted in our Relais.