Pet friendly Holidays in Italy

Relais Santo Stefano, your structure of choice for pet friendly holidays in Italy


Feel free to plan your pet friendly holidays in Italy and make sure no family member stays at home when traveling. Relais Santo Stefano welcomes your furry, four-legged friends into its installations.


All bedrooms are soundproof, allowing you to enjoy their utmost elegance and comfort in complete privacy. Spacious and comfortable, they feature warm colors that blend harmoniously with modern furniture and amenities. Suites are connected to private balconies and the outdoor swimming pool located at the hotel’s beautiful olive garden. The resort is only a couple hours away from Turin and Milan by car, at a strategic location between both destinations.


Take your pets with you for a walk along the streets of Biella and its surroundings. The city’s upper part counts with medieval borough known as il Piazzo boasts important landmarks such as the Church of San Giacomo, the square of Piazza Cisterna, the Baptistery and several historical buildings. Then there are countryside destinations like the Parco della Burcina Natural Reserve and the shores of lakes Sirio and Viverone, inspiring examples of the Piedmontese landscape.


Do not hesitate to contact us to make reservations or to ask us for more information about how we can help you during your sojourn.

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